Metro's Sunset

Well, this will be my 1st post on my PhotoBlog, on my Sky / Landscape Shots...

I really Love to take pictures of the sky, the clouds, and things on it like fireworks birds and more. Its just pretty amazing how God created things so wonderful and full of mystery. I just thank Him because when I look up in the sky, as if  I'm at peace, in a sense that i just look up, observe and wonder.  Its just so Serene...

This is my 1st post on this section of my blog. And I hope that as things develops, you can also appreciate GODS simple GIFTS to us. Its hard to see sunsets on an urban places like Manila. You can just see scenes as such when your at the bay/shore of a beach, or some plane areas like fields. But luckily, thanks to the Buildings... Got a great view from up here.

 so lets START.....

just this afternoon, after I took a bath and went out at the porch as I hang up my wet towel and  at the periphery of my vision, I saw this Pinkish Orange light reflected on the window. As my mind and eyes searches for this amazing color, i saw todays sunset. Sunsets are so remarkable and amazing, as the colors of the clouds and the sky met into a transition which made things colorful and amazing. As i saw this scenario, I rushed up and have my cam on my hand and took so shots...

and this I will share to you....

1/350secs @ F/4, ISO 200, Exposure Compensation: -0.5step

its my first shot of the sunset, I did not fixed it that much because its a test shot to check my aperture value, the time value and especially my exposure compensation.

1/724secs @ F/4, ISO 200, Exposure Compensation: -1step 

Exposure compensation is one of the important things to set up in your camera when taking pictures of the sky. In some cases people forget to adjust the exposure which makes their composition a bit lighter or less than the contrast of the usual, which is a bit frustrating. Like the first one when I took the test shot. Some of the color were bit lighter which made the picture a dull and not on that contrast that I want.

And now for the picture above, I chose P or Program Mode and adjust my ISO to 100 and my Exposure Compensation to -1step.

 1/362secs @ F/4, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: -1step 
1/181secs @ F/4, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: -1step 
1/64secs @ F/5.7, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: -1step 
1/128secs @ F/4, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: -1step 

And there goes the Sun... 
in a while the darkness creeps in.

Since its bit cloudy around my place, I've decided to take some snap shots of the sky around me, which I usually do...

1/181secs @ F/5.7, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: -1step 
 1/91secs @ F/4, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: -1step 
 1/128secs @ F/4, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: -1step 

Thanks so much for reading!

I do appreciate if you leave some comments or suggestions for this post!
If you want to have a bigger view of the pictures, just click one of the images for the FILM strip.

Till the Next ONE!


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