a Bud

Here is one of my Macro/Nature compositions

just saw this cute Bud of a plant outside of our house, i took my cam and have some shots of it...

for this composition, i'm using my Canon ES-F 18-55mm kit lens.

I switch my dial to AV or Aperture Priority Mode

Here is my test shot...

Focal Length: 30mm on 1/197secs @ F/5.7, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: 0step

In creating Macros using a zoom lens such as my 18-55mm kit lens, you really need to get the right distance and metering focus of the subject to create a pop-out effect and a crispy sharp image.

Focal Length: 55mm on 1/197secs @ F/6.7, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: 0step

Since i'm doing a macro composition, I doped my ISO to 100 to get the full crisp and detail of the image. I set my Exposure compensation to 0step to have the right vibrant color of the image and this next frame is my last shot for this macro composition.

Focal Length: 55mm on 1/128secs @ F/5.6 ISO 100, Exposure Compensation: 0step


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